Jessica became a surrogate mother after the birth of her second child. There was not enough money in the family, so together with her husband they made this decision, and the amount of $30,000 they planned to spend on the house.

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A couple of months later it turned out that Jessica was pregnant with twins. Immediately after delivery the babies were given to their biological parents, and Jessica did not have a chance to even look at them, despite the conditions spelled out in the contract, which allowed the surrogate to spend one hour with the babies.

However, in the photo Jessica had of the newborns, it was immediately obvious that the children were very different, but Allen asked no questions.

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A few more weeks passed and Jessica received a letter with a picture of the twins. In the letter, the birth mother admitted that she had doubts about one of the boys. Soon a DNA test was done, which showed that the child was indeed the son of Jessica Allen and her husband Wardell Jasper.

Superfetation is a rare condition in which a second conception occurs within 24 days of the start of pregnancy, resulting in a woman developing two fetuses. It is extremely rare-less than 20 cases are known worldwide.

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However, this was not the hardest part. The couple from China were the legal parents of both children. They said they were willing to give the child back, but they needed $18,000 in compensation or they would give the child up for adoption. The trial with the surrogacy agency lasted several months. Malacci, as the boy was named by his real parents, returned home.


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