When your dog gets old, you might brush this sad thought aside. You try not to think about it. Of course, you can see your pet's face turning gray, his tired eyes and weak muscles. In fact, our pets are just like humans. And it hurts a lot.

It seems that not long ago you brought home a cute puppy who chewed up a dozen slippers, played with phone chargers, peed on the doormat, and woke you up early in the morning because he wanted to play. And today your dog can't jump up on the couch, where he's always watched TV with you, snuggling up to you. You help him climb up on the couch and he knows he can't do it without your help.

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Your pet walks slowly, breathing heavily, but still is trying to be the dog you know. To grab a stick, to bark at kids, to chase a nosy cat into the bushes... And you say to yourself, "Well, my dog is still doing great, he is not that old ..." And you breathe a sigh of relief.

Every day you see some new change. Everything... From the way he walks to the way he reacts to familiar things. You ask yourself, "Does he realize he's getting old? Nonsense! He'll be with me for a long time," you lie to yourself. You really know everything. And you even feel guilty... you start to feel guilty. For punishing your pet for being mischievous, for making him wait alone at home, for not playing enough or not being affectionate enough. And you try to make up for all these mistakes. But for some reason you are never satisfied.

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When your dog is getting older, try to be with him as much as possible. Talk to him. Talk a lot. After all, he listens to you, don't doubt it. You've probably never had anyone listen to you like he does. Sleep next to him. Snuggle up to him. He used to keep you warm, and now you are to keep him warm. Old dogs get cold. Buy him nice things. Give him toys. Take his face in your palms and say you love him...

When your dog gets old, just be the best human being for him. He's the one who has given you unconditional love, he's the one who's made smile when you were sad, he's the one for whom you are the whole world. Just be with your dog. Not an owner. Become the dog yourself. The most loyal dog ever. Till the end.

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