Who among us doesn't love a nice surprise? Teresa Slater and her husband surely surprised their families. So while they were expecting their second child, they didn't tell their families that they were having twins. The couple captured the reaction of family and friends after seeing two children at once in a photo. And it really is worth seeing!

Pleasant surprise. Source: Facebook

The family posted a touching family archive on social media. Several million viewers sent their congratulations to the young parents.

Amazed relatives. Source: Facebook

The twins' parents wanted to surprise their loved ones, and they did it perfectly! By the way, you can only envy their restraint. Just imagine: during the whole nine months they kept everything a secret, instead of sharing their happiness immediately after the first ultrasound.

Double joy. Source: Facebook

Those who were far away and could not come to congratulate their mother had a similar reaction. But even through the video link it was clear that they, too, were shocked by this unexpected surprise.

Hundreds of congratulations. Source: Facebook

Source: dailystar.com

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