The Dachshund named Duke had been waiting months for an opportunity to find a home of his own. While other dogs were taken from the shelter, Duke was always overlooked. The reason for this was Duke's unusual appearance and special needs.

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The doggie was born albino that is completely uncharacteristic of the dogs of his breed. Instead of the usual black and brown coat, the dog's fur is white. He lacks pigment throughout his body, so even his nose is pink, and his eyes are pale blue. In addition, Duke is partially blind and deaf. And because of congenital dilated cardiomyopathy, his heart is enlarged and he has difficulty walking for long periods of time without experiencing shortness of breath. 

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Despite all his health issues, Duke was very lucky. Almost a decade ago he was spotted by Mercedes Andrade of Texas who loved the unusual dog at first sight. The woman had never heard before that dachshunds can be born albino. She had seen dachshunds with all sorts of coloring, but never a pristine white. Mercedes hadn't planned to take in a dog that day. She'd just come to look at the puppies, but when she saw Duke, she couldn't leave alone. "He chose us to be his family, not the other way around. He knew that he would be in a safe and happy home," Mercedes recalls. 

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For more than eight years, the unusual dog has lived his best life. He is surrounded by love and care, and thanks to the photos his owner posts on social media, he has also become an Instagram star. When walking, he always attracts everybody's attention. Many people come up to get a better look at the snow-white dachshund and take a few photos especially when Duke is wearing a hat because of his hypersensitivity to sunlight. The dog loves this kind of attention. After living at the shelter for so long, he enjoys interacting with people who smile and pet him. And although Duke can hear only high-pitched sounds and can only see with one eye, he feels love and affection just like other dogs.

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At Mercedes' home, the special dog has made friends with an older dachshund sister named Dior. The dogs get along well and spend all their time together. Dior takes care of the half-deaf and half-blind dog and taught him many tricks that help him in everyday life. Duke never lost hope to find loving owners and now he lives life to the fullest!

Source: Instagram


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