Dogs often do things that are beyond our understanding. And so it was in this case. It is not clear what exactly the new mother dog wanted to say, but her trust in humans is just amazing.

Stevonnie Wells Doyle has taken in a dog from a shelter that no one wanted to take in. The point was that the female pit bull named Grace was heavily pregnant and was about to give birth to a litter of pups.

Stevonnie gave Grace a warm home, food, and a comfortable place to give birth. And the pet gave her foster mom the sweetest thanks.

Shortly after welcoming the eleven puppies, Grace picked them up one by one and placed them in Doyle's lap. Stevonnie's husband captured the touching moment on video. Neither he nor his wife could understand the exact meaning of this sweet gesture.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The family suggest that Grace might have thanked them for their kindness and care, or she just wanted to ask for help or let her go outside, but was afraid to leave the pups alone. Anyway, the safest place for the most precious thing in her life, her pups, seemed to be in her owner's arms.

Just take a look at this precious moment:


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