Every dog has its own story and it's not always a happy story. Mama Pickles, a two-year-old pit bull, was found on the street by the volunteers from a local animal rescue. To make matters worse, she was heavily pregnant. The volunteers took her in and contacted her owners, who said that they no longer needed their pet. Unfortunately, the local shelter could not provide enough care for a pregnant dog.

The dog ended up in the shelter because the owners no longer needed her

Source: Pits and Giggles Rescue

She was pregnant and the shelter couldn't give her enough help

Source: Pits and Giggles Rescue

But luckily, she was spotted by Pits and Giggles Rescue, an organization that specializes in caring for pregnant and nursing dogs as well as their puppies. According to the volunteer Lauren Castin Sykes, the dog was very friendly and craved for attention and love. Lauren is a photographer, so she decided to give Mama Pickles a real maternity photo shoot.

Lauren gave Mama Pickles a maternity photo shoot

Source: Pits and Giggles Rescue

The mommy-to-be is a real model

Source: Pits and Giggles Rescue

See for yourself!

Source: Pits and Giggles Rescue

Lauren said that the hardest part was getting Pickles to stop licking everyone because she is such an affectionate doggie.

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And not long after the photo shoot, Mama Pickles welcomed her puppies

Source: Pits and Giggles Rescue

A litter of eight adorable pups!

Source: Pits and Giggles Rescue

And they had a photo shoot too

Source: Pits and Giggles Rescue

According to Lauren the dog had been used for breeding, and everybody was happy that this was her last litter. In a few months, this beauty and her adorable babies will be available for fostering, and they will get a chance to find the loving family they deserve.

Source: twizz.com

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