Rarely does anyone imagine a home as an 8' x 20' shipping container and cargo trailer. However, they became a new home for a mother and daughter who had lost their former home. Some may be intimidated by the idea of converting a shipping container, but for Lulu and her daughter it is a place where they have everything they could want and where love lives.

The result of painstaking work. Source: YouTube

Suddenly Lulu and her daughter were evicted from their former home, with nowhere to go and no money to move to another home. They could live anywhere together and be happy, and that's when Lulu had the brilliant idea to convert a shipping container and cargo into a tiny house for comfortable living without bills.

Spacious bedroom. Source: YouTube

The thought of homelessness gave way to the realization that Lulu and her daughter did not have to live in a standard, modern house or apartment to have everything they needed. The portable home sits on a plot of land outside the bustling metropolis and has all the amenities - it only cost $4,000 to remodel this home, which Lulu now owns.

Enterprising mom. Source: YouTube

As Lulu admits, she struggled to pay the bills and rent, even though she worked full-time while also being a student. One day she decided that converting a shipping container into living quarters for her and her daughter would be the most economical solution. Indeed, converting the two containers didn't cost much money and would allow her to become a homeowner rather than a renter.

Lulu did most of the work herself, using recycled building materials: she assembled the house, built the door and cut the windows, installed insulation and fitted a full kitchen equipped with a sink, camping stove, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and water heater. The little house also has a bathroom and comfortable furniture: beds, bookshelves and a couch.

It may look a lot worse than a prefab home, but this mom has created comfort from a minimal set of items. It may be a future trend to use shipping containers or similar types of containers as portable homes to reduce living expenses.

Source: humanstory.com

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