Some cat breeds aren't easy to handle, and as a result, they often live an unhappy life. This was the case with Sam, the Norwegian Forest Cat, who was rescued from the streets after his owners had moved. Although one might consider him lucky not to have ended up on the street, the shelter in which he was placed was not the best one. Furthermore, the shelter staff were trying so hard to get rid of Sam that they gave him to the first person they met. The cat would be taken away, and after a while he would be brought back. The point is that the cats of this breed are quite fierce and aggressive and it is not easy to gain their trust. Sam changed several families because he bit, scratched, hissed, and could attack people.


When Lexy Daniels learned about Sam's story she made up her mind to help him even if she would never be able to pet him. On seeing the Norwegian giant, Lexy was very surprised since the pet was not the cat she saw in the picture. He was an unhappy, depressed creature with extremely matted fur. The staff reported that he just wouldn't let himself be combed out, so they couldn't get him cleaned up. Fortunately, the young woman was not discouraged by this.


This is how Sam ended up with Lexy. First, the cat looked angrily at his new owner and wouldn't even let her close. His yowl was so menacing that it seemed as if Lexy was facing a real tiger instead of a cat. Nevertheless, the woman didn't give up trying to get to know her distrustful pet. When she fed him, she would sit down nearby on the floor and talk softly and affectionately to him while he ate. This was going on every day, for weeks and months.

One day on going to bed, Lexy saw Sam come into her bedroom. It was the first time in months that he had entered the room in her presence. She even hoped that he'd jump up on the bed and lie down next to her, but, of course, the cat didn't. He lay down almost on the very threshold and fell soundly asleep. Still, his sleeping in the same room with her was the first victory!


More months passed, and nothing else changed, but one day something very unusual happened. Out of the blue, Sam just jumped in Lexy's lap as she was reading a book. It is impossible to describe how happy Lexy was. At that moment Daniels realized that Sam could never be an affectionate pet, she had almost given up, and then suddenly this... Seven months had passed since she took him from the shelter, and he finally allowed to be touched.


Five years later Sam, who used to be an angry, fierce, aggressive, and distrustful cat, is one of the sweetest pets in the world. To bite his owner's guests is out of the question. Now the fluffy kitty greets everyone and purrs affectionately.



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