Most people believe that sleeping with pets in the same bed is strictly forbidden. It is out of the question that pets must sleep exclusively on their own mat, but in no case under the same blanket with their owner.

However, scientists have recently conducted a study whether it is good or bad to sleep with our pets. Of course, it's no use arguing with scientists.

So far they have reached the conclusion that our furry friends have an extremely positive effect on human health.

One of the scientific journals has published a research in which about 40 adults slept with dogs for a week. It's noteworthy that some of the participants of the experiment just let their pet sleep with them in one room. Researchers and participants were stunned by the results. Surprisingly, those people who shared the bed with their pets slept better than others. Moreover, these pet owners had the best night's sleep.

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They arrived at this conclusion having calculated a sleep efficiency of the study participants. And compared to other people, it was several times higher. As for those who sleep with their pets on a regular basis, they have lower stress levels and generally have a better quality of life. This study results cannot but bring a smile to your face. But of course, there is a range of disadvantages of sleeping with your pet in one bed. For example, those who sleep with pets are more likely to wake up at night. It's quite interesting that sleeping with another person is quite different from sleeping with pets.

It is possible to significantly improve the quality of life for those who prefer to sleep with our furry friends. Cats that are lucky enough to sleep with their owners always purr in their sleep. And dogs breathe soothingly.

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That's why the sounds that animals make while sleeping cause humans to relax. And those pets that are calm and relaxed during sleep create a sleep-friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Thus, scientists urge all pet owners to allow their pets to sleep next to them. After all, this fact has been scientifically proven.


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