Our pets are just like kids who are all about unconditional love. In particular, dogs are known for their enormous devotion to their humans that may survive time and long distances.

Roscoe the dog ended up in one of the Washington shelters when he was a puppy. Despite the care and attention of the shelter staff, he was always sad, he wouldn't play with other puppies, and in general, looked depressed. Of course, it occurred to the volunteers that he might have had a loving family in the past. Not cherishing hopes for finding his owner, the volunteers shared his story on social media. They thought, "Well, who knows maybe the luck will turn on this cutie?"

And then a great miracle happened. A few days later a farmer called the shelter, saying that three years ago his pet had gone missing. He searched for his doggie everywhere moving heaven and earth to find him but to no avail. The pup was never found. The next day the man visited the shelter to make sure if it was his furry friend that lived out his days so unhappily.

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When the farmer showed up, no proof was needed. On smelling his owner's scent Roscoe became agitated and raced toward the man, wagging his tail in joy. The little guy couldn't help crying because he had waited for so long.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Source: YouTube screenshot

The owner took his pet Rant, that is the doggie's real name, and now Rant is the happiest dog in the entire state.

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