This story happened in Poland and it is just amazing. Diego the dog, a small terrier has become a real detective who was able to find an injured Golden Retriever in the woods.

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Diego's owner, Jerzy, lives in Karpacz, Poland, and takes his pet for a daily walk near the woods. Usually their walks are pleasant and relaxing but that day something unusual happened. One day during the walk, the terrier smelled something and started dragging his owner toward the woods. It took Jerzy a while to figure out what was going on.

The dog with all his might and persistence continued his attempts to drag his owner into the woods, and eventually Jerzy gave in. Diego picked up the trail and headed straight into the middle of the woods. And then, after a while, the terrier stopped in front of a closed cesspool.

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Jerzy stared at the cesspool for a long time, until at last he made up his mind to lift its lid. There at the depth of 10ft he saw a dog that was barely alive. The man immediately called a rescue team.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Source: YouTube screenshot

A short time later the poor thing was recovered and taken to the vets. It turned out that the dog was the Golden Retriever named Gucio, who had gone missing a month ago. Gucio must have been walking through the woods when he fell into the cesspool, having stepped on its shaky lid.

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If it hadn't been for Jerzy and Diego, the dog would have died within hours. Having spent the entire 32 days in the pit the Golden Retriever was extremely emaciated.

Source: YouTube screenshot

According to the vets, Gucio is recovering quickly and will soon be perfectly healthy. Diego's owner dream of walking their pet and Gucio together after his recovery. The rescuer and the rescued are sure to find common ground.

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