The man noticed a burnt-out bulb in the basement and decided to change it. He took it out of the base and then noticed the year of production: It turned out that the bulb has been burning for 31 years instead of the usual two years for incandescent bulbs.

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The man was so impressed with the durability of the lamp that he decided to share the information on one of the popular forums, Reddit. The post immediately became a topic of discussion, because the life of the lamp exceeded the average by almost 10 times.

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At the same time, the author of the post admitted that he did nothing to increase the life of the lamp. He used it as usual, turning it on and off as needed. Judging by the marking, the Tesla lamp was produced at one of the factories in the era of Czechoslovakia - a country no longer exists, it broke up into the Czech Republic and Slovakia 30 years ago.

Users have suggested that, unlike other incandescent bulb manufacturers, the creators of this device did not put a limit on the life of the coil.

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Source: The Daily Mail

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