Being dumped by their owners, these three dogs were able to find refuge at a vacant house put up for sale. Two of them were friendly and were taken in by a neighbor living in the residential area, but the third one was too scared and distrustful...

So the two rescued dogs got a warm home while the third doggie was still hiding at the vacant property. Lisa Arturo and Joann Wiltz, the volunteers at the Hope for Paws animal rescue, made up their mind to step in.

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As the property had a lot of exits that led to a busy street, setting a trap seemed to be the best solution. However, though the doggie was obviously hungry, he didn't come up to the treats soon. The pooch didn't trust people and didn't understand how they could help him.

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A few hours later, Moomba was caught.

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He wasn't very friendly.

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The neighbors were overjoyed that the pooch was finally rescued. After the thorough examination at the vets, now Moomba is learning to trust people at a shelter. She is looking forward to finding a forever home soon.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Watch this touching video of Moomba's rescue:

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