Sometimes when you move in a new home you can find all sorts of strange and frightening things there. When a family from Philadelphia moved into their new house, they started taking things down to the basement. Suddenly the couple spotted a strange-looking creature. Its fur was severely matted and it could barely move. On closer inspection, the unknown to science beast turned out to be a cat, just very severely matted. The poor thing clearly needed help. She was taken in by the animal rescue ACCT Philly.

Source: Blake Martin

The family moved into the new house and discovered the shaggy creature in the basement. It turned out to be a cat

Source: Blake Martin

The poor thing was taken to the vets, and they were horrified by her condition. It was clear that the first thing to do was to cut off all the mats, but the specialists were worried about how the cat would behave during the procedure.

Once at the specialists, the cat didn't mind the grooming at all

Source: Blake Martin

Blake Martin said she looked pretty calm and was grateful to finally be taken care of. Her fur was so matted that at one point the vets had to give her a sleeping pill. It was a long job, but the cat was freed from her fur trap.

Blake decided to become a foster dad for the cat

Source: Blake Martin

He says the beauty often sits under his bed and climbs up on the bed to get some affection.

She likes cuddles

Source: Blake Martin

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The cat will stay with the man until a new home is found for her. Martin wants to make sure that the kitty will be adopted by the loving family who will definitely never leave her in the basement.


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