In 1960, David Latimer decided to conduct an experiment: he took a 40-liter bottle and began to fill it with soil and plants. Then he sealed them with an airtight cork and began to observe how long such an ecosystem would last. Months became years, but the garden continued to grow green, and after 60 years, the flask decided to finally open.

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David Latimer has always been interested in closed ecosystems. His experiment began very simply: The man took a 40-liter glass flask, put some compost in the bottom, added half a glass of water and planted 4 seedlings of tridescantia.

Latimer chose the plant for a reason. As a botanist, he knew it was one of the most popular and unpretentious plants. But he had no idea how long it would survive - David reckoned the ecosystem would have lasted him two or three months.

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Expectedly, three of the four seedlings wilted at the appointed time, but the fourth continued to grow. Over the years, the tridescansia has grown to the full size of the bottle and has learned to produce oxygen for its development. The plant began to feed on its own fallen leaves, which were naturally turned into compost.

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"At first it was hard for me to believe that the garden had been nourishing itself for decades. No water, no oxygen, it's a completely closed ecosystem," Latimer told later.

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