In May, residents of one Canadian town spotted a stray dog roaming the streets. Everyone avoided the poor thing because he was quite large. One evening he was running down the street and then disappeared. The next day he was spotted again.

The stray was running back and forth as if he had lost something but could not find it. The poor dog would have kept wandering about the residential area if he hadn't been reported to a local animal rescue.


There the doggie was named Marcus. After the thorough examination by the vet, the pooch was wormed, flea-treated, and given a bath. Eventually, the adorable boy caught the eye of one kind woman.


When Helen saw Marcus for the first time, it was love at first sight. After their first meeting, the kind-hearted woman realized that she couldn't leave the dog at the shelter. Of course, she was a little bit worried that the new pet might not make friends with another furry friend living at her place or with her kids, but everything worked out.


At the new place, Marcus showed himself as a friendly and affectionate pet. He loves cuddles and in spite of his impressive size behaves like a small dog.


Marcus is very smart and charming. Of course there is still some work to be done in terms of his behavior, but Helen is sure she will cope with everything. Marcus has already learned the basic commands!



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