This sweet doggie was stray for more than eight years. During this time, he had been through a lot but he still has a happy smile on his face. One day humans decided to help him...

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This adorable creature was picked up on a street in Houston. When the staff at the local shelter was told about this little doggy, they immediately went to pick him up and, of course, started looking for his owners. After interviewing local residents, they learned that the dog was homeless and had been living on the streets for about eight years. His story is still unknown. There is only one woman who periodically fed him.

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The dog was taken to a shelter and named Bear. His condition was just awful. His fur was severely matted, so grooming was the first thing he needed. In addition, the dog was diagnosed with heartworm and lymphoma, a malignant tumor. According to the vets, he had from three to twelve months to live. But Bear had other plans.

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The doggie started receiving the necessary treatment and procedures. And after a couple of months of care and treatment, a miracle happened. Bear's tumor had gone away. "Now Bear has weekly check-ups at the vet. He's been in remission for several months now. At this point, there is no sign of the tumor and he is feeling great!" the shelter staff wrote on social media.

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One look at Bear's happy face and no words are needed. He has been through a lot, but he still has a smile on his face and he is a very happy, cheerful and kind-hearted boy. Bear has been in foster care of one of the volunteers at the shelter for the past few months. The foster mom and her family fell so much in love with this handsome boy that they decided to keep him forever!

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Now Bear is twice as happy, and he fills everyone around him with his positive attitude and zest for life: "You can't imagine that this sweet boy was on the streets for most of his life. He shows everyone that life is beautiful and it goes on no matter what. He gives us an incentive to live," Bear's owner says.


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