Senior dogs are not popular in shelters. In fact, people would rather take in a younger dog or a puppy than older dogs who sometimes need more care and attention. But the latter are desperately in need of a loving human to show them that life is so good. This touching story is about the sweet unadoptable doggie named Loco who has met kind people.

Source: Spartanburg Humane Society

Loco, a senior dog, has lived in the Spartanburg Humane Society in South Carolina for two years. Her owners surrendered her because they couldn't take care of her anymore. Being 13 years old at the time she had numerous medical issues. The doggie was heartworm positive, had thyroid issues and issues with her hips, which apparently the owners didn't want to treat. Fortunately, Loco has ended up in good hands.

Source: Spartanburg Humane Society

The shelter staff started treating the doggie, but it was love and care that had the greatest impact on Loco thanks to which she has quickly recovered. Loco still needs regular vaccinations, but she is doing very well for her age. After her recovery, the shelter started looking for a forever home for Loco but, unfortunately, no one wanted to take the elderly dog in.

Source: Spartanburg Humane Society

Not long ago the staff decided to celebrate this beauty's birthday, and throw a surprise party so that she wouldn't be sad. All the employees got together, sang a song for Loco, put on her a birthday hat. Of course, there was a birthday cake, too! At first Loco was a little shocked by the attention, and modestly looked around at everyone, but she was happy and endlessly wagged her tail.

Source: Spartanburg Humane Society

Over the past two years, Loco has become everybody's favorite at the shelter. The party was a success, the cake was eaten, and the birthday girl was happy. Loco is sure not to forget what her favorite staff has made for her. After the party the staff decided to keep Loco in the office and now she is the first to greet all the people who come to the shelter. Perhaps, she will soon find the best forever home, too. Be happy, Loco!


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