One evening Will, tired after a long day at work, realized that despite his best efforts he could not save money for a place to live. The man consulted with his wife, spent all the money he had saved on a decommissioned bus and set about repairing it.

Ambitious construction project. Source:

Will Watson and his wife, Christine, had led a perfectly ordinary life until then. The couple was trying to earn an apartment, but both were only getting more and more tired at jobs they didn't like. In addition, Will and Christine were tired of staying in one place - the bus seemed like an unexpected and bold solution to all the problems.

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The couple sold everything they had and bought a decommissioned bus on the road. Then began a long period of repairs, Will needed to completely refurbish the interior.

Christine helped as much as she could, and after five months, the bus gradually began to take on a residential appearance.

Work on the interior. Source:

"We put a full kitchen in the cabin, a sofa across from it, and made a bed and bedroom at the back end. It turned out as good as an apartment," Will later told reporters.

Comfortable dwelling. Source:

Full kitchen. Source:


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