Stray animals don't look their best when rescued from the streets. This makes sense, because no one is looking after them or caring for their well-being.


Furthermore, stray animals can't boast good health, as they are prone to catch all kinds of diseases. This was the case with poor little Hilary. When a kind woman spotted this puppy the baby was in critical condition. The poor little dog looked more like a hyena than a dog. And yet, despite her poor appearance, Prue knew she had to help the little dog who had settled by the side of the busy road.


Prue pulled up to pick up the doggie, and on getting close to the pooch, she saw how bad her condition was.


Hilary was suffering from a very severe case of mange, and as a result, she had open wounds all over her skin. Not only her appearance was bad, but she didn't trust people. Hilary was unwilling to goo with Prue, and when the woman picked her up, the dog was scared to death.

Although at first Hilary was uncomfortable with her new foster mom, it soon became clear that the dog was grateful for having been rescued. She fell asleep right in Prue's lap as they drove to the vets.

It was a long journey to recovery, but in the end Hilary got over the mange and her fur grew back. Now Hilary has a beautiful silky coat. And this would not have been possible without the help of kind-hearted humans.



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