One day an owner of the 4-year-old golden retriever named Winston decided to take her pet to visit his in-laws in Winnipeg, Canada. The nine adorable pups weren't some strange dogs, on the contrary, they were Winston's nieces and nephews.

Who would have thought that a large adult dog would be afraid of little puppies? The nine pups were overjoyed to meet their "uncle" for the first time.

The video shows how a friendly crowd of kids ran to their relative. However, the dog seemed not to be prepared for the squeaking and whimpering pups.

Walking into a room filled with a litter of nine puppies, Winston became the center of attention as the tiny pups swarmed the overwhelmed retriever. But, as it often happens, the little gang just frightened the adult doggie.

It is funny to watch the dog dodging and weaving, hopping and jumping, and doing everything possible to get out of the swarm of pups. The doggie's fluffy nieces and nephews didn't give their uncle a moment's rest; they took his escape as a fun game. And who knows what challenges the pups had in store for Winston.

One can only imagine how Winston would have felt if he had lived in the same home with these troublemakers!


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