Maternal anxiety is one of the strongest feelings on the planet, understood by everyone who has children. This dog was beside herself with worry since her pup was in trouble but she could not help him. And then she trusted humans...


An Internet user has recently posted a touching video on Douyin, the Chinese version of the popular social network TikTok. The video shows an anxious dog leading firefighters to her puppy, constantly looking back at them to see if they were following her. As it turned out later, the company was called by the animals' owner. The young mother dog was so nervous that she was the first to meet the rescuers and lead them to the rescue scene.

Her quite plump puppy tried to get through the bars of the cage and got stuck. The rescuers immediately rushed to rescue the poor thing. The puppy's mother had to be dragged aside since she was so worried that she got in the way of the men doing their job. According to one of the firefighters, the baby looked helpless and pathetic, he was definitely in pain.

Source: Screenshot

The rescuers tried to cut the metal bars with wire cutters around the whimpering puppy's head, but they couldn't do it at once. Then one of the firefighters dismantled the cage into pieces, using a high-powered bolt cutter. Fortunately, the puppy was not injured. He was happy to be free again and immediately rushed to his mom, who wasn't mistaken in her absolute trust in humans.


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