Now a lot of people may have thought they would like to be this millionaire's dog, right? Joking aside, everyone has the right to have his/her small quirks.

Not long ago the Nashville entrepreneur William Dorris passed away at the age of 84. In his will, he mentioned not only his relatives but also his beloved pet, an 8-year-old border collie named Lulu.

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The millionaire's dog inherited quite a decent amount of money. Border collie named Lulu will now live with Dorris' elderly neighbor Martha Burton, with whom she stayed during her late owner's business trips.

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"I will be paid a salary and all my expenses will be covered, but I would do anyway because I really love this dog," Martha commented on her neighbor's will.

Lulu is in good hands!

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Looks like Lulu has become a rich doggie since she's inherited $5 million

Internet users have been thrilled with this story:

"I would love to adopt him. I’ve been looking for a wealthy...I mean healthy pet," one person joked.

"I would love to be the caretaker of this dog because if I was then I would be getting a lot of raises, expensive gifts & big tips," another Internet user wrote.

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"Get another dog..let them have kid..and many lulu will live on...hehe..that how i will do it," the third person wrote.

Anyway, we wish this doggie a long and happy life!


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