Animals are intelligent creatures. Even in life-threatening emergency they are able to make the right decision in no time. A 5-year-old husky named Alaska is a living proof of it.

Alaska lives in Harbin, China. Her owner, Mr. Yu, owns a pet store. One day the owner's two dogs, a Husky and a Samoyed, were exercising on a treadmill when the salesclerk got unwell. Having fainted the woman was lying on the floor motionless.

Alaska immediately got off the treadmill, came up to the woman to check on her, and then rushed to the door and effortlessly opened it. The smart pet immediately ran outdoors to call for her owner. A few moments later, the man came to the store, found the employee unconscious and took her immediately to the hospital.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Later it turned out that the woman's blood sugar level dropped dramatically, so she passed out. Husky realized that the woman was in trouble and called for help in time.

"Alaska is a very smart girl, she knows many commands. I only showed her how to open the door twice, and that was enough to save a human's life!" proud Mr. Yu said.


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