Henrietta Green made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for her incredible stinginess. She was the first richest woman in the world, made a fortune of several billion, knew her business better than bankers, and managed to save money on water and laundry.

American businesswoman and financier. Source: humanstory.com

Henrietta became interested in finance at the age of 13 and at the same age began to understand stocks and bonds. Her family owned a serious business and growing up she inherited $7 million.

Witch of Wall Street. Source: humanstory.com

Any other heir of a gigantic fortune would surely have spent at least some of it on life. But Henrietta had been notorious for her asceticism since childhood, a quality that only increased with age.

Green bought up Manhattan real estate by the hectare. Brokers followed her every move, because the woman thoroughly understood the structure of the business and bet only on the one hundred percent winnings.

Frugal celebrity. Source: humanstory.com

Wall Street bankers were literally afraid of Henrietta; she could bankrupt anyone if she wanted to, and often did. The woman's wealth was growing, and it was all the more strange to see the condition in which she kept her home.

Henrietta's asceticism went to extremes. She would have her son go to out on the street to sell newspapers she had already read. She haggled in stores for every cent, and changed clothes only when there was no more choice.

Henrietta Howland Robinson Green. Source: humanstory.com

So Henrietta's children were amazed when they inherited $4 billion. Fortunately, their mother's avarice was stripped from their heirs and they spent most of their fortune on charity.

Source: humanstory.com

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