The cat was found on the stairs of an apartment building in Corpus Christi, Texas. She was left with a soft bed, a tiny blanket, and a handful of dry food thrown right on the floor. The cat lay perfectly calm, even when it was time to give birth to kittens…

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Kayla works and lives in the same apartment building. That day, the door to Kayla's office swung open, and the woman saw her colleague rush into the office looking extremely anxious. Kayla's coworker asked to follow her but didn't explain what was going on. Kayla started imagining all bad things but what was taken aback by what she saw.

Source: Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

A tabby frightened kitty was lying in a gray bed on the stairs. The poor thing was covered with a tiny blanket. There was a note reading "Please help us" nearby.

Source: Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Hardly had Kayla lifted the cat's blanket when she was shocked even more. Of course, the woman was very much afraid that the cat was hurt or sick, but the situation was even worse. In fact, the cat was in the middle of giving birth. There were already three tiny newborn kittens lying in her nest. A fourth was on the way, and the woman helped the cat to welcome her bay into the world. The cat was very lucky that Kayla volunteered at the local cat shelter in her free time and knew how to help her.

Source: Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

When everything was over, the woman picked up the bed with mama cat and her four babies and took them to her office. She made two calls, one to her mother, and another to the shelter to check if she could count on their help. The shelter promised all possible support, and Kayla's mom immediately agreed to take both the kitty, who was named Bon-Bon, and her newborn babies to the shelter.

Source: Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Although the kittens had had a hard start in life, they were perfectly healthy. They adore their mom (although mother's milk comes first, of course), and are already slowly learning to crawl, play, and fight with each other. Bon-Bon the mama cat does her best to take care of the babies. She has proven to be a wonderful, friendly, and calm kitty. So when the time comes to part with her offspring, she will have no trouble finding a new home.

Source: Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Once the kittens no longer need their mother's milk, they will be placed with the best possible owners. Volunteers say they can't understand why such a wonderful cat ended up on the street. Her previous owners must have been most desperate, since they decided to take such a step. And how great that a happy chance has brought an experienced volunteer and the new mom cat together just in time!

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