Emma Smith from Texas has been helping animals for several years. So far, she has fostered five dogs. Her first dog was Anna. Being a registered nurse, one day the woman felt that she no longer wanted to work at hospital. Shortly after that she resigned. However, she made this decision just before the pandemic broke out. Several months later the woman started feeling the guilt of not being able to contribute to society by caring for patients. So, from that day forward, she has started caring for dogs in trouble. 

Anna the dog was found in a grocery store parking lot after being hit by a car. She had multiple injuries, including a broken pelvis and hip. When Anna was picked up, she couldn't walk and was in severe pain.

Source: pulse.com

Gradually, the wounds healed, and painstaking work was done to teach Anna to walk again. Eventually, the doggie had surgery to fix her broken hip so she could walk without pain. Anna was a very loving dog with an incredible zest for life and well deserved to be given a second chance at life. Emma took the doggie in for three months until the pet fully recovered.

Source: pulse.com

After that, a perfect forever home was found for Anna. An elderly woman lost her dog and became interested in sweet Anna. It is hard to believe but Anna flew to her new home by a private jet! But how was it possible? In fact, a friend of Anna's new owner found out the doggie's sad story and wanted to help the pet to go to her new home faster and with less stress.

Anna lived with her new mom for one year before she passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. It is in honor of Anna that Emma continues to help animals in need. Smith says she has learnt a lot from her dogs, such as patience, resilience, and optimism. In fact, our pets make an invaluable contribution to our lives.

Fostering is a noble, selfless, and very important work. It would be wonderful if more people were into it.

Source: pulse.com

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