It's no secret that dogs always get embarrassed when they do something bad. Even an owner's reproachful look is enough to make a mischievous dog realize what he's done. But this puppy, named Pablo, has surpassed other dogs. When he pooped on the bathroom floor at the home of his owner's friend, he tried to cover his stuff with the toilet paper.


The owner of the dog, 21-year-old rapper Acelin Hampton aka Billie Band$ from Denton, Texas, took Pablo in from the street three months ago. Hampton says the little pooch has a pretty handy outdoor toilet. Pablo often watched his owner clean up his chocolate hot dogs using toilet paper. And yet, Hampton was extremely upset by what he saw at his friend's house. His doggie tried to clean up after himself using a considerable amount of toilet paper and the bathroom was a total mess. The scene was so hilarious that Hampton just couldn't help posting these pics on Twitter.


The photo of the bathroom floor covered with toilet paper quickly went viral, getting more than 9,000 likes and more than 7,000 retweets, and the dog became so popular that his owner created a separate Twitter account for him. Probably everyone who saw the dog's efforts burst out smiling.

Pablo, the little dog, pooped on the bathroom floor and then decided to cover his stuff with toilet paper


Pablo had repeatedly seen his owner clean up after him using toilet paper. And what was Hampton's surprise when he saw that Little Pablo tried to clean up after himself.

Now everyone is just obsessed with the little guy, who tried his best. Pablo has turned out to be a pretty smart doggie!



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