Although some people might think that this photo is a skillful photoshop job, the dog is really that big. Meet Freddy, the handsome dog who loves chicken, peanut butter and... sofas. He's already chewed up quite many of them. Freddy is a Guinness World Record holder, weighing 14.5 stone and costing his owners $14,500 a year.

Source: Daily Mail

This dog is 7ft 6in tall when he stands on his hind legs. One look at him is enough to know – indeed, a huge animal! Freddy's owners, Claire Stoneman and her sister, Fleur, of Essex, UK, are absolutely devoted to this unique creature. He holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest dog in the world.

Source: Daily Mail

This kind of love for pets in Claire's case meant that this 41-year-old lady had virtually no time for her own personal life. She has another dog, albeit not listed in the book of records, but he needs attention and care, too.

Source: Daily Mail

The 41-year-old ex-model admits: "Well, yes, my dogs are like babies to me ... because I don't have my own kids."

"I've been single for four years, of course I get positive vibes from my dogs. Moreover, I don't have to deal with the dirty laundry," Ms. Stoneman says.

Source: Daily Mail

"Yeah, it's like a baby ... well, I haven't had real babies yet. Dogs need me, and it feels so good to be needed," she adds.

Nevertheless, Claire is now ready to start a new relationship, assuming that there may be someone who wouldn't mind sharing a home with such a "monster."

Source: Daily Mail

Keeping such huge dogs doesn't come cheap. Ms. Stoneman spends more than $14,500 a year to care for a pair of dogs.

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Four-year-old Freddy the Dane's favorite foods are quite human, like fried chicken or peanut butter on toast.

Source: Daily Mail

Unfortunately, when he was just a puppy, he also loved the taste of sofas, and ripped 23 of them to shreds, gutting them, one by one (apparently testing how comfortable they were).


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