People lined up outside Pitmaston Elementary School, which provided its testing facility after a desperate request from his parents. The boy urgently needs a stem cell donor, and he has just three months to find someone who can save his life.

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Olivia Saxelby and Jamie Lee of Worcester, United Kingdom, became concerned when they saw bruises on their son's body that turned out to be T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL). This aggressive form of leukemia requires chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

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Oscar's 22-year-old teacher, Laura Senter, said his diagnosis came as a shock to the class. She added: "I couldn't believe it. I saw him before Christmas, and he was just a normal happy kid. It's a nightmare that this happened. There's nothing you can do about it, it's heartbreaking.

"That's why we went into "action mode" to try to find a donor. I visited Oscar in the hospital last month when it was his birthday. Because of all the chemo, he was very swollen, but we did everything we could to support him."

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Over the weekend, volunteers sat at tables and chairs in two school halls, taking tests and filling out donor registration forms.

Oscar's mom: "We no longer saw the light at the end of the tunnel, but looking at Oscar's bold smile, his courage and determination, we were able to join forces again. From that moment on, we were stronger than ever. Oscar reminded us how to fight again and how brave he is. He has never once shown weakness and has never stopped surprising us in the toughest of times, and to us he is a true warrior. He just needs someone to save him now."

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In the United Kingdom, this rare disease affects about 650 people each year, and about half of the patients are children.


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