Nowadays it's no secret that there is a burning problem of stray animals. Every year millions of cats and dogs end up at animal shelters. In fact, some of them have to put animals to sleep after a certain period of time since they can't take care of so many pets.

Of course, animal shelters and volunteers do their best to find a forever home for all animals. They publicize their work on social media, hold fundraisers to raise money for animals in need, and share the most touching stories that are sure to touch a chord.

This was the case with Bella, the rescue dog that ended up in the care of Howl Of A Dog in Romania. Bella lived her whole life in a small dirty cage in a city shelter.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Fortunately, Howl Of A Dog found out about the sweetie and rescued her. The shelter staff recorded a touching video showing Bella right after her rescue on the way to a veterinary hospital.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Bella seemed to have immediately understood that she was safe and in good hands. The doggie was so exhausted after being kept in a tiny kennel that she immediately fell asleep in her rescuer's lap. According to the shelter staff, Bella was very trusting and relieved to be saved from the city shelter. She didn't care about anything except for taking a nap in her rescuer's arms. Her falling asleep must have been a sign of relief for her.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Now Bella receives all the necessary care and attention. Once she is completely recovered, she will be put up for adoption.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Watch this sweet moment of Bella's falling asleep in her rescuer's lap:

We hope there will be a forever home for this cutie soon! Thank you for rescuing her!

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