One morning several years ago, Steven Thibault, a resident of Nahant, MA, saw from his window a little duckling drowning in a pool. He immediately rushed to save the baby. After pulling the chick out, the man tried to find its mother, but could not. Then Steven took the duckling home and began to raise it himself.

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Cheerio, the chick's nickname, was eating well and growing quickly, and Stephen began to think about releasing the bird into the wild. But the duckling was in no hurry to leave his "foster daddy" . During the day, while the man worked, Cheerio would go outside, fly around, swim in the nearby pond and socialize with the other ducks, and come home in the evening.

Steven is mentally prepared for the fact that one day the duckling will leave him forever, but it seems that this way of life suits him completely, and he is not going to change anything.

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Like any caring owner, Stephen is pleased with his pet's active social life, but he is also pleased that Cheerio prefers to spend his evenings and nights with him. By the time the man returns from work, the duckling is already waiting for him at the door. The neighbors watch with a smile as this unusual couple walks in the yard.

Stephen's greatest fear was that the human-fed duckling would not be able to communicate with his relatives. But Cheerio quickly became part of the group. According to Stephen, the duckling is a bit insecure with females, and sometimes the man supports him from the shore.

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But all in all, things are working out well. In addition to the ducks, Cheerio has made friends with other bird species - eiders, mallards, geese, and gulls - that spend their winters on the warm waters of the region. The communicative duckling is also on short shrift with Steven's cat, Reese's. The two often play in the backyard.

When Stephen brought home a wet duckling a few years ago, he had no idea that Cheerio would become his loyal friend. The man understands that the bird should live in the wild, but he won't insist - the door to his house is always open for this duckling.


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