This beautiful Pittie was surrendered to an animal shelter after her previous owner had found that she was seriously ill. Although the beauty got over the illness, finding a new owner proved to be a rather difficult task. Indeed, who would want one-eyed dog that has gone deaf after an illness?

This dog's name is Scarlett and she has spent over three years at the shelter, more than half her life

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In 2015, Scarlett was surrendered to the shelter by her former owner because he couldn't afford to pay for her treatment

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Scarlett's chronic illnesses include ear infections that led to deafness

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This dog won over the hearts of both the shelter staff and visitors... But no one wanted to adopt her

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Today Scarlett is healthy but not as attractive as other dogs

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She's not as active, not as fast as other doggos... and she only has one eye

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But she is the kindest dog in the world. All you have to do is look at her and she'll just melt into you and want to kiss you

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And now she has that opportunity. Scarlett has finally found a loving owner whom she makes smile every day.


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