Recently a Reddit user has shared a story about his dog who was worried that his owners' newborn baby was hungry. It's amazing that the doggie would bring the baby his own bowl of food. First, the pet's owners couldn't figure out why their dog wouldn't eat. This went on until someone suggested that the dog might want to "feed" the baby in such a way. Then the owners tried putting a bowl of food in front of the baby and the dog at the same time, and it worked.


Redditors were delighted by the pet's care for the baby. Many of them shared their stories about their furry friends.

"When my brother’s kid was born, the female dog started camping out in front of bedroom and chased away the other male dog if he came close. Whenever it was time to eat, she still wouldn’t leave the area, so they had to bring the food to her."

"That is so incredibly sweet. It would seem someone already has a buddy for life!"

"Just realized my dogs have been trying to feed me and my boyfriend."

"My dog only drinks water when I do. I think he forgets and is like Oh ya, gotta drink water!"

"My dog did the same thing when I was sick and in bed as a kid. She would bring food and put it on the bed by my face! My mother and I still remember it."

"I'm gonna guess the dog is a female. She has a strong pack instinct to make sure that the "pups" are being fed."

"Dogs are so wonderful...they are concerned and protective of their owner's baby. We should all be as caring as dogs."

"Everyone needs a dog in their life!"



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