It's hard to imagine all the genuine surprise and shock that Bobby and Kenny McCoy experienced when they went for an ultrasound to see if their long-awaited baby boy was developing properly. But that was not the case!

The confused doctor, wiping sweat droplets from his forehead, informed the expecting mom that there was not one, but seven babies in her belly! The happy mother and father took turns crying and laughing. And when their emotions were gone, they firmly decided they were going to give birth!

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The doctors insisted on doing selective reduction. That is, they suggested that Bobby and Kenny McCoy remove several embryos so that other embryos would have a better chance of developing normally. But the couple refused and have not regretted their decision a single day since then. Even though the family was already raising their eldest daughter Mikayla, they wanted to give birth and raise their sevens, no matter how difficult and challenging.

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It really wasn't easy at first. The children were born on November 19, 1997 - a team of 40 doctors delivered them. Three girls and four boys were born at 30 weeks of pregnancy, but all had a normal weight - from 2 to 3 lbs . Their names were chosen in advance: Kenny, Brandon, Nathan and Joel for the boys and Kelsey, Alexis and Natalie for the girls.

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Three months later, right after they were discharged from the hospital, volunteers began helping this young family of many children. They were literally flooded with diapers, baby food and clothes. But the most luxurious and necessary gifts were a minibus to carry a large family and a huge mansion with 7 bedrooms! "Also a miracle stroller for all seven of us. How it helped me out," laughs the happy mother.

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Time passed, and the children grew. In November 2020, the seven siblings celebrated their 23rd birthday. They all graduated from college and each went their own way. For example, Alexis, who remains showing signs of a serious illness, managed to graduate from high school with honors in spite of her illness. Now she teaches junior high school. Another sister, Natalie, followed in her footsteps. She works with Alexis in the school and also enjoys tourism and sports. As for Kelsey, she studies music.

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As for the guys, Joel and Nathan are involved in the IT field. They are interested in computers and programming. The latter also has a degree - he's into science. Kenny Jr. and Brandon did not get higher education of their own volition - both chose professions that do not require a diploma. Thus, Benny works in construction, and his brother became a military man.

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