The thief of Lady Gaga's French bulldogs has been sentenced to 21 years behind bars. The sentence was passed 22 months after James Howard Jackson shot the singer's dog walker and stole two of her pets.

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The violent abduction of dogs happened on Feb. 24, 2021. Then gaga was in Rome on the set of the House of Gucci, and her three French bulldogs were looked after by Ryan Fischer, 41, her friend and a pet hotel owner.

Fischer was walking Koji, Gustav, and Asia when Jackson shot him near Sunset Boulevard and kidnapped two of the dogs. Asia managed to escape from the kidnappers.

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Lady Gaga promised a reward of half a million dollars to the person who would return her pets. Two days later, a woman brought the bulldogs to the police, saying that she found them tied to a pole and asked for a $500,000 reward.

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Shortly before that, Gaga had performed at the inauguration of US President Joe Biden, so the police suspected that the case might be politically motivated.

But in the end, it turned out to be a simple robbery. Jackson and two accomplices were driving down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Fischer just happened to be the first person they saw. They shot him and stole the dogs, not knowing who they really belonged to.

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As a result, charges were brought against Jackson, his parents, who helped hide the dogs, and two of his accomplices. One of them eventually turned out to be the one who brought the bulldogs to the police.

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Ryan Fischer was taken to ICU, lost part of a lung, but eventually reported that he was getting better.

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