Alfie the cat went missing back in 2009. His owner, Shelley Brockbank, did her best to find her pet. She put up posters all over the city, contacted animal shelters, and interviewed locals, but the search yielded no results. Knowing that Alfie had a habit of getting in people’s cars if the windows were left open, Shelley eventually concluded that he might have been accidentally taken to another city. Over the years, the woman completely lost hope that her cat would ever return.

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But last month, an unbelievable event happened. Shelley saw her pet on social media 13 years after he had gone missing. One evening she was browsing her Facebook when a post from the JSPCA Animals' Shelter caught her eye. It was about a very friendly stray cat named Buddy. Even though the pet had changed a lot, Shelley immediately recognized him as her Alfie.

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The woman immediately contacted the shelter, and soon afterwards met her lost pet after 13 years apart. According to the shelter staff, Alfie may have lived in two different homes during his absence, but he ended up on the street anyway, where he was picked up by trappers.

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Alfie's adventures ended. Thirteen years later, he's back in the home he ran away from, and this time Shelley has no intention of letting him out of her sight.

"He’s finally home after a 13-year adventure!" the woman wrote on her Facebook. "He’s settled in well for his first night and I like to think he remembers me!"

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Over the years a lot has changed in Shelley’s life, too. She became a mom, and her kids are happy to have a pet in the house. Shelley's oldest daughter, Amelia, did not know her mother had a cat, but she is happy to have a pet reunited with his first mom.

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When Alfie went missing, he was only four years old. Now he's a 17-year-old grandpa who enjoys warmth, comfort, and care. Perhaps now, after getting everything he loves so much, the cat will stop running away from home in search of adventure. Shelley and her family really hope so.

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