Real fighter. Source: Mirror screenshot

"I Couldn't Act Otherwise": Woman Spends Over $40,000 On Treatment For Her Cat's Asthma

04:00 01.06.23
So precious. Source: The Dodo screenshot

"Special Bond": Neighborhood Dogs Regularly Come To Visit A Man For A Nap

02:00 01.06.23
Ringo and Razmo and their new family. Source: Facebook screenshot

Couple Adopts Puppy Abandoned In Garbage Can And Then Returns For His Brother Who Cannot See

18:00 31.05.23
Adorable duo. Source: YouTube screenshot

Puppy Befriends A Stray Kitten Leaving His Owner No Choice

14:00 31.05.23
Sunny the dog. Source: Instagram screenshot

Dog Was Born Without Eyes But That Didn't Stop Him From Being Happy

12:00 31.05.23
Dog sought shelter inside the restaurant. Source: Twitter screenshot

Dog Was Crying In Heavy Rain Outside Restaurant Asking For Shelter

16:00 30.05.23
Best friends. Source: The Dodo screenshot

They Even Sleep Together: Little Girl Has Won The Heart Of A Huge Pit Bull

12:00 30.05.23
Two kitties. Source: YouTube screenshot

Family Came To The Shelter For A Cat But Couldn't Make Choice

10:00 30.05.23
Abandoned pooch. Source: The Dodo screenshot

On Seeing Humans This Dog Tied To Tree Gave The Loudest Bark

20:00 29.05.23
So touching. Source: YouTube screenshot

"I've Been Waiting For This": Piercing Gaze Of Dog Who Found Out He Was Being Taken From Shelter Speaks Volumes

18:00 29.05.23
Snoopy the dog. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Shelter Dog Was Afraid Of Narrow Spaces Until She Found A Small Tent Where She Felt Safe

14:00 29.05.23
Emotional reunion. Source: Facebook screenshot

Shelter Staff Come To The Rescue Of A Needy Mother So She Can Keep Her Dog

12:00 29.05.23
Frog the rooster and his owner. Source: Facebook screenshot

Every Day This Rooster Runs To School Bus To Greet His Best Friend, Video

17:00 28.05.23
Gary the dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Surrendering Dog To The Shelter Man Promised To Return For His Pet But He Never Did

15:00 28.05.23
Beautiful 18-year-old Tonkinese cat. Source: YouTube screenshot

Family Offers A Peaceful Life To An 18-Year-Old Cat Abandoned By His Former Owner

03:00 28.05.23
The proud mom. Source: TikTok screenshot

Sad Dog Who Lost Her Baby Adopts Orphaned Puppies And Finds A New Zest For Life

01:00 28.05.23
True love. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Love At First Sight": Daddy Cat Sees His Newborn Kittens For The First Time

14:00 27.05.23
The Golden Retriever. Source: YouTube screenshot

Golden Retriever Covers 40 Miles In 27 Days To Find His Former Owners Who Abandoned Him

03:00 27.05.23
Kitten. Source: YouTube screenshot

Stray Mama Cat Was Cuddling A Weak Kitten But Could Do Nothing To Help The Baby

19:00 26.05.23
Sweet family. Source: YouTube screenshot

Gentle Greeting: Curious Puppy Couldn't Take His Eyes Off The Little Kittens Snuggled Up To Their Mom

15:00 26.05.23