Sad doggie. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Dog Was Sitting Sad At The Shelter Hoping That His Owners Would Come Back For Him

12:00 26.05.23
Puppy. Source: YouTube screenshot

Puppy Abandoned In A Cardboard Box Is Looking For A Forever Home

04:00 26.05.23
Happy mom. Source: The Dodo screenshot

"Love Has No Bounds": St. Bernard Mom Adopts 6 Pups After Welcoming Her Own 11 Babies

14:00 25.05.23
Source: Facebook screenshot

Clever Dog Helps His Owner Push Car Out Of Water With Two Women On Board, Video

04:00 25.05.23
Happy kitten and his foster mom. Source: YouTube screenshot

"True Motherhood Knows No Bounds:" Mama Dog Adopts A Lonely Kitten And Raises It With Her Puppies

02:00 25.05.23
Adorable duo. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Kitten And Puppy Huddled Together Struggling To Survive On The Street

00:00 25.05.23
Gracie the dog. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Bulldog Had Been Kept In The Basement For Years And Fed Scraps Until Vigilant Neighbors Came To Her Rescue

21:00 24.05.23
Fox the dog. Source: petpop screenshot

Shelter Dog Helps Family Pet And Thanks To That Finds Forever Home

19:00 24.05.23
Keith Fetches with his spaniels. Source: walesonline

"I Thought I'd Never See Him Again": Senior Man Reunites With His Dog Three Months After It Went Missing

17:00 24.05.23
Sammy (left) and Adam Clark (right). Source: screenshot

Police Officer Bravely Rescues A Senior Dog Out Of A Lake

12:00 24.05.23
The sphynx cat. Source: YouTube screenshot

Owners Got Tired Of Their Purebred Cat And Surrendered Him To A Shelter

19:00 23.05.23
Smiling doggie. Source: Mirror screenshot

Ingenious Plan: To Find A Family As Soon As Possible The Puppy Smiles At Everyone Who Comes To The Shelter

22:00 22.05.23
Pooch collects a parcel. Source: Mirror screenshot

To Prove Delivery Of The Parcel Courier Makes Use Of The Addressee's Dog

20:00 22.05.23
Stray mama dog asking for help. Source: laykni screenshot

Stray Dog Was Desperately Barking Asking Humans To Help Her Puppy

14:00 22.05.23
Barn kitten. Source: YouTube screenshot

Crying Kitten Was Crawling In A Barn Calling His Mom But The Mother Cat Wasn't Around

12:00 22.05.23
Toup the cat and his owner. Source: boredpanda screenshot

"Friendship for Life": Senior Cat Becomes An Indoor Pet After Being A Stray For More Than 10 Years

20:00 21.05.23
Senior dog. Source: storyfox screenshot

Deciding To Make Their 7-Year-Old Son's Dream Come True Family Went To The Shelter For A Puppy But Their Heart Was Won By The Oldest Dog

12:00 21.05.23
Doggos at a drive-through. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Employee Of A Drive-Through Coffee Shop Who Is A Huge Dog Lover Enjoys A Cute Pastime

20:00 20.05.23
Granny and dog. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Granny Could Barely Tolerate Her Granddaughter's Dog, But She Had A Change Of Heart When The Pooch Saved Her Life

15:00 20.05.23
Orange tabby cat. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Heartbroken": Owners Traded Their Senior Cat For A Chihuahua

01:00 20.05.23