Puppy. Source: YouTube screenshot

Cannot Do Without Owner, Gets Restless, And Barks: How To Help An Anxious Dog

21:00 19.05.23
German Shepherd. Source: petpop screenshot

Lonely German Shepherd Roams The Streets With A Toy In Its Teeth

15:00 19.05.23
Labrador in a stroller. Source: TikTok screenshot

Devoted Owner Takes Her Senior Labrador For An Unforgettable Walk, Video

12:00 19.05.23
A whole box filled with kittens. Source: The Dodo screenshot

"I Was Speechless When I Saw A Box Of 39 Kittens In My Garden"

10:00 19.05.23
Yorkie and a kitten. Source: YouTube screenshot

Mama Dog Adopts An Abandoned Kitten And Raises It With Her Own Puppies, Video

21:00 18.05.23
Feral mama cat with her kittens. Source: YouTube screenshot

Feral Mama Cat Wouldn't Let Anyone Near Her Kittens But One Day Her Heart Melted

17:00 18.05.23
The doggie. Source: YouTube screenshot

Little Dog Survives In Her Owner's Home Only Thanks To Neighbors' Kindness

01:00 18.05.23
Adorable duo. Source: TikTok screenshot

Bonded Since Birth: Baby Can't Fall Asleep Without His Puppy Friend

20:30 17.05.23
Best friends. Source: YouTube screenshot

Two Shelter Kittens Who Have Been Through A Lot Find Each Other

19:40 17.05.23
The kitten and its rescuer. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Children Waved Down A Car: There Was A Kitten Crying In The Sewer, But They Couldn't Help It

13:00 17.05.23
Buddies. Source: petpop screenshot

Story Of A Touching Friendship: Little Guide Dog Does Not Leave His Friend's Side Who Cannot See

03:00 17.05.23
Mom and son. Source: TikTok screenshot

After Being Separated, Puppy Reunites With Mom To Spend The Rest Of Their Lives Together, Video

22:00 16.05.23
Sherman the pup. Source: petpop screenshot

Puppy With Big Legs Hasn't Been Given A Chance At Life, But Love Heals Him

18:00 16.05.23
Mama cat with kittens. Source: YouTube screenshot

Mother Cat Kept Her Freezing Kittens Warm While Getting Soaked To The Skin In The Pouring Rain

12:00 16.05.23
Abandoned kittens. Source: YouTube screenshot

Accepted Like Her Own Babies: Shelter Dog Saves Five Kittens Thrown In The Trash

01:00 16.05.23
The rescued pups. Source: YouTube screenshot

Man Notices A Suitcase Moving On The Side Of A Road And Finds Four Puppies Inside

19:00 15.05.23
The rescued kitten. Source: mimimetr screenshot

Kitten Is So Grateful For His Parents' Care That It Won't Leave Their Side For A Moment

09:00 15.05.23
A stray dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Stray Dog Comes To People Every Day And Asks For A Box

20:00 14.05.23
The expectant mama cat. Source: YouTube screenshot

Expectant Mama Cat Comes To The Family's Doorstep Every Day, Asking For Help

14:00 14.05.23
Loyal friend. Source: The Dodo screenshot

"Better Than Any Remedy": Caring Pit Bull Wouldn't Leave The Side of The Boy Who Had Gone Down With The Flu

13:00 14.05.23