A caring passerby saved a child's life. Source: Screenshot YouTube

A man found an infant and took it to the hospital: 20 years later there was a knock on the door

12:00 04.06.22
Special care for birds. Source: Screenshot YouTube

A woman rescued pigeons from the street, and now she treats them like they are her children

18:00 03.06.22
The customer was not expecting a shocking find. Source: Screenshot YouTube

After buying a sofa through the social networks, this woman went to the police: she will not make any more online purchases

12:00 03.06.22
Welcome addition to the family. Source: Screenshot YouTube

Twins conceived at different times and in different ways: a woman had IVF, and a couple of days later she got pregnant again

18:00 02.06.22
Multiple happiness. Source: Screenshot YouTube

"My life is total chaos": how a woman who gave birth to six babies at once lives

15:30 02.06.22
Defenseless bird was waiting on the ground for help. Source: Screenshot YouTube

"True love": an elderly couple is looking after an owlet that has fallen from its nest

09:00 02.06.22
The touching care for the defenseless little ones. Source: Screenshot YouTube

Shelter dog escaped from cage at night to comfort little puppies

19:00 01.06.22
Great find. Source: Screenshot YouTube

A woman was doing her laundry in the river, found unusual stones and went straight to an expert. The jeweller congratulated her on her good fortune

23:00 31.05.22
A mother with shocking habits. Source: Screenshot YouTube

"Minute long showers and only a single light bulb in the house": how the most budget conscious mother of two lives

19:00 31.05.22
A touching tradition. Source: Screenshot YouTube

"Sincere affection": an old dog can't sleep without his favourite toy

09:00 31.05.22
One of the most adorable weddings. Source: Screenshot YouTube

Tremendous love: inseparable dogs "legitimised" their relationship

04:00 30.05.22
Charming neighbor from the wilderness. Source: Screenshot YouTube

A woman saved the life of a baby elephant - and now he lives in her home

01:00 30.05.22
A charming feathered family. Source: Screenshot YouTube

It took 6 years of trials and the help of caretakers for a couple of rescued pelicans to have chicks

23:00 29.05.22
Touching support of a four-legged friend. Source: Screenshot YouTube

This faithful dog laid next to her owner on the hospital bed so she wouldn't feel lonely

19:00 29.05.22
Junk left behind by past tenants. Source: Screenshot YouTube

Tenants move out after destroying property: landlord has found a way to teach them a lesson

06:00 29.05.22
An act deserving of public respect. Source: Screenshot YouTube

A woman drove 1600 miles to pick up the oldest and weakest dog from the shelter

05:00 27.05.22
A touch of wildlife. Source: Screenshot YouTube

A grandmother fed a wild boar for years, and it later repaid her kindness by saving her village entire harvest

01:00 27.05.22
The true friend of human. Source: Screenshot YouTube

Faithful dog jumped onto ambulance with his owner in it

03:00 26.05.22
Striving for unattainable ideality. Source: Screenshot YouTube

"There's no one better than me": German model Paris Holmes officially declared herself the "most beautiful" woman in the world

23:00 25.05.22
The owner of an inspiring lifestyle. Source: Screenshot YouTube

"I'm homeless and happy": pensioner living on a cruise ship for 12 years

21:00 25.05.22