The white Staffy. Source: YouTube screenshot

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Had Been Changing Homes Until He Was Abandoned Right On The Street

11:00 14.05.23
The abandoned dogs. Source: petpop screenshot

Senior Pit Bulls Couldn't Believe That Their Owner Had Abandoned Them In A Pet Store

18:00 13.05.23
The Beauceron. Source: YouTube screenshot

After 7 Years In The shelter, This Dog Is Looking For A Family That Understands What He Has Been Through

12:00 13.05.23
Nala the dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Sad Pit Bull Refuses To Move For Days, But When A Little Boy Shows Up, The Pooch Comes Alive

01:00 13.05.23
Siblings. Source: lemurov

On Meeting His Lookalike, This Doggie Could Not Contain His Emotions From The Joy Of Meeting

20:00 12.05.23
A sad cat. Source: YouTube screenshot

Cat Refuses To Grieve And Follows The Same Routine He Had With His Beloved Owner Even After He Is Gone

18:00 12.05.23
Sweet hugs. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Sincere Emotions: Shelter Dog Can't Stop Hugging His Rescuer

16:00 12.05.23
Box of abandoned kittens. Source: Facebook

"Time Was Running Out": Eleven Tiny Kittens Left In A Box On The Side Of The Road

12:00 12.05.23
Cosmo the St. Bernard. Source: YouTube screenshot

Woman Rents A Car And Travels A Thousand Miles To Adopt An Abandoned St. Bernard

19:00 11.05.23
Winnie the dog and her adopted kittens. Source: Instagram screenshot

Tiny Kittens Lost Their Mom, But This Kind Doggie Stepped In

15:00 11.05.23
Sad kitty. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Can't Put Up With It": Sad Cat Is Faithfully Waiting For Her Dog Friend Who Was Gone A Year Ago

11:00 11.05.23
French Bulldog. Source: YouTube screenshot

"He Has A Special Mission": French Bulldog Helps Homeless Animals And Weak Children

20:30 10.05.23
Cats were trapped in a car in extreme heat. Source: Facebook screenshot

"They Had To Be Rescued Immediately": Man Lived In His Car With 47 Cats Packed Up To The Windshield

18:30 10.05.23
Santo and Marla the Shepherd dogs. Source: petpop screenshot

Carefree Life: Shepherd Dogs Live In Hot Africa And Are Doing Just Fine There

16:30 10.05.23
The adult cat getting milk out of the dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Mother's Love: Pit Bull Nurses Kittens As If They Were Her Own Puppies

14:00 10.05.23
Kitty. Source: YouTube screenshot

Expectant Mama Cat Was Humbly Rubbing Against People's Front Door Seeking Help

03:00 10.05.23
The Irish Setter. Source: YouTube screenshot

Purebred Dog Left Unwanted After The Loss Of His Owner

17:00 09.05.23
Sweet dog family. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Two Mother Dogs Were Hungry, But Stayed by Each Other's Side To Raise Puppies Together

13:00 09.05.23
Senior doggie. Source: YouTube screenshot

Shelter Staff Thought That This Senior Dog Would Never Know Human Love

01:00 09.05.23
Sweet dog family. Source: Facebook screenshot

Thanks To A Vigilant Neighbor, A Mama Boxer And Her Seven Little Puppies Get A Chance At A Better Life

21:00 08.05.23