A puppy. Source: YouTube screenshot

Helpless Pups Survived For Weeks In The Woods All Alone, But One Of Them Proved To Be Especially Lucky

16:00 08.05.23
Furry gas station attendant. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Stray Dog Wanders Into A Gas Station, And Soon Proves His Loyalty To His Rescuers

03:00 08.05.23
Best friends. Source: video screenshot

"Good Night, Sleep Tight": Toddler Puts Her Best Friend To Bed

01:00 08.05.23
So happy. Source: YouTube screenshot

Volunteer Can't Hold Back Tears On Seeing Her Parents Surprise Her With A Shelter Dog

19:00 07.05.23
Contented dog. Source: petpop screenshot

Dog Chews Up The Door While His Owner Is Away And Is Pleased With Himself

09:00 07.05.23
The leopard. Source: YouTube screenshot

Helpless Leopard Got Trapped In A 40-Foot Deep Well, Waiting For Humans To Help

03:00 07.05.23
The pup had a tar bath. Source: YouTube screenshot

Puppy Had Bathed In Tar, But Volunteers Were Able To Rescue Her

18:00 06.05.23
Best team. Source: YouTube screenshot

Traveler And His Cat Rescue A Puppy And Let Him Join Their Team

15:00 06.05.23
The puppies. Source: YouTube screenshot

Three Puppies Abandoned In A Drainage Ditch Finally Get The Warmth Of A Loving Home

10:00 06.05.23
Mama cat and her kittens. Source: YouTube screenshot

Shelter Cat finds Solace In Fostering Kittens Who Have Lost Their Mom

19:00 05.05.23
The Norwegian forest cat. Source: YouTube screenshot

Worried Owners Were Looking For Their Missing Cat For 14 Months, But He Was Doing Great All This Time

17:00 05.05.23
Lola the puppy. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Dog Returned To Shelter Twice Still Believes In A Miracle

14:15 05.05.23
Clock the kitten. Source: Instagram screenshot

This Kitten Who Is The Smallest And Weakest In Her Litter Shows Great Strength of Mind

01:00 05.05.23
The Labrador. Source: YouTube screenshot

Woman Surrenders Her Labrador To A Shelter Because She Couldn't Handle Her

21:00 04.05.23
Jester the dog. Source: Instagram screenshot

Service Shepherd Dog Performs Complicated Tricks And Wears Cute Costumes

18:00 04.05.23
Wall-E the dog. Source: petpop screenshot

Unwanted Dog Is Returned To The Shelter Along With His Bed And Toys

05:00 04.05.23
Noel the kitten and Harrow the cat. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Kitten Rescued From The Street Was Crying Nonstop Until A Senior Cat Took Her Under His Paw

01:00 04.05.23
Senior cat. Source: YouTube screenshot

"My Life Is Filled With Joy Now": Woman Comes To The Shelter And Asks For The Most Unhappy Cat

21:00 03.05.23
Tristan and Shay the dog. Source: petpop screenshot

No One Wanted To Take A Senior Dog From A Shelter Until This Boy Saw Him

15:00 03.05.23
Britivana the cat (left) and her kitten (right). Source: Instagram screenshot

Angelic Appearance: White Kitty Gives Birth To Kittens With Sky-Blue Eyes Only

05:00 03.05.23