Hope the cat with her sister. Source: YouTube screenshot

Kitty With One Eye Finds Her Purpose In Life In Cuddling Everyone She Meets

03:00 03.05.23
Sam and Stanley. Source: Video screenshot

Shelter Dog Cannot Live Without Cuddles With His New Owner

19:00 02.05.23
The dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Dog Jumps Into The Middle Of The Road And Stops A Van To Help Her Owner

13:00 02.05.23
Sweet kitty. Source: petpop screenshot

"We've Been Together All The Time": Woman Takes A Kitten From A Shelter That Needs Round-The-Clock Care

21:00 01.05.23
Buddy the cat and his new friend Hannah. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Senior Lonely Cat Opens up After Meeting An Affectionate Stray Kitty

15:00 01.05.23
Mason the cat and his kittens. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Senior Cat Suddenly Finds The Purpose In Life In Raising Kittens

03:00 01.05.23
The adorable siblings. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Orphaned Siblings Huddle Together Until They Are Rescued

01:00 01.05.23
Hero kitty. Source: YouTube screenshot

Lost Cat Covers 300 Miles To Get Home

12:00 30.04.23
Miso the cat. Source: TikTok screenshot

"True Love": Cat Watches Her Owner Make Breakfast Every Morning

05:00 30.04.23
Patches the cat. Source: YouTube screenshot

Chubby Cat Abandoned At Shelter Because His Owners No Longer Wanted To Take Care Of Him

01:00 30.04.23
Stray cat asks for help. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Brave Act: Stray Cat Comes To A Woman's Home, Begging For Help

15:00 29.04.23
These dogs are truly inseparable. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Mother Dog Tries To Calm Down Her Frightened Son, Who Won't Stop Crying At The Shelter

05:00 29.04.23
Stormy the dog. Source: The Dodo screenshot

When A Family Welcomed The Fifth Baby, They Realized They No Longer Needed Their Dog

01:00 29.04.23
Beautiful kitties. Source: Instagram screenshot

Guy Hears Someone Crying In His Yard And Finds A Whole Family Of Cats

15:00 28.04.23
Dog accepted kittens as her own kids. Source: Facebook screenshot

Dog Loses Her Puppies, But Becomes A Foster Mom To Orphaned Kittens

12:00 28.04.23
The adorable duo. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Dog Meets Her Twin And Makes Her Mom Adopt Him

03:00 28.04.23
Beautiful pup. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Woman Hears A Pitiful Cry From The Bushes: There Was A Puppy Tied To A Tree

01:00 28.04.23
The inseparable pair. Source: The Dodo screenshot

This Kitty Loves His Owner So Much That He Demands Constant Attention From His Dad And Cries When He Goes To Work

20:00 27.04.23
Source: YouTube screenshot

Couple Chooses To Get Rid Of Their Dog And Surrender Him To A Shelter Because They Have A Baby

03:00 27.04.23
Molly the Dachshund. Source: Instagram screenshot

No Longer Needed: Couple Decides To Surrender A Dachshund To The Shelter Because They Had A Baby

01:00 27.04.23