The scandalous interview of Princess Diana to Martin Bashir, revealing details of life inside the British royal family and the marriage of the monarch, caused a wide public response and divided the life of Queen Elizabeth's daughter-in-law into "before" and "after". However, as it turned out, Princess Diana was forced to share personal information fraudulently.

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As part of an investigation initiated by the BBC, Lord Dyson, a former member of the Supreme Court, questioned 17 witnesses, examining the version that the television company covered up traces of deception by Martin Bashir. The journalist was accused of spreading lies and slander for the sake of getting the explosive 1995 sensation, an interview in which Princess Diana publicly stated that "there were three of us in this marriage."

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There is a theory that the Princess of Wales was obsessed with a strange idea - Charles allegedly wanted to kill her in order to marry their sons' nanny, Tiggy Legg-Brook. Taking advantage of the monarch's vulnerability, the journalist presented her with falsified evidence that Prince Charles was indeed in a relationship with Tiggy Legg Brook, as well as receipts from the medical facility where the alleged mistress of Princess Diana's spouse had undergone an abortion.

In addition, Bashir also showed the Princess of Wales the receipts supposedly proving that the Spencer family had been selling information about her to the media (in fact, all the documents were forgeries), after which Queen Elizabeth's daughter-in-law experienced a real shock and went into an "electrocuted bull" state and then agreed to talk to the journalist (whose career skyrocketed after that interview).

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The BBC accepted Lord Dyson's evidence and issued an official statement: "We accept the facts gathered and acknowledge that the consent of the Princess of Wales for the interview was not obtained in the way that our audience has a right to expect. And while we cannot turn back the clock, we sincerely apologize for what happened."


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