Australian supermodel, actress and TV presenter Elle Macpherson showed that even on the threshold of her 60th birthday she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has recently shared a video in which she has a very daring look.

Macpherson is wearing the black mini bikini with ties teamed up with the black bra, gray sweater and large sunglasses. The model's long blond beach waves complete the look.

In a caption to the video the model reveals one of the secrets of her youthful appearance:

"When comes to mindfulness... I take care of my mind, body and spirit every day with breath practice and meditation. My daily practice includes meditating in the morning for around 25 minutes – either guided, or in silence. I try to live my life in a perpetual flow of meditative connection rather than just at specified times."

Although many social media users praised Macpherson for her slim figure and long and slender legs, some were quite skeptical:

"Good on you …. but not sure what this pose has to do with meditation."

"It’s very important to wear incredibly tiny pants whilst finding your flow."

"Whaaat, put your pants on girl."

Macpherson is famous for setting a record by appearing six times on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. She has also her own line of lingerie Elle Macpherson Intimates.


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