Singapore-based artist and graphic designer Autumn Ying imagined what it would be like if Princess Diana were now alive. She created a series of collages that depict Diana's touching interactions with her sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren and other family members.

Princess Diana has been gone for 25 years, but the hearts of her admirers still keep a good memory of her. One of her admirers, Singapore-based artist Autumn Ying, decided to honor the Princess of Wales in her own way and created a series of illustrations, which presents Diana in the role of grandmother and matriarch of the extended family. This experiment was inspired by an interview with Prince Harry, in which he said that his mother would be very excited if she had been present at his wedding to Meghan Markle. When the couple announced their engagement in 2018, Harry suggested that Diana and Meghan could have really become friends. "I think she would have been over the moon about the news," the prince added. We don't know if it would have been the way Harry imagined it, but the series of collages showing Diana and Meghan together convey tenderness and happiness.

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Ying also suggested that Princess Diana would also be close to the family of her eldest son William. According to the artist, Lady Di would love Kate and the grandchildren and spend a lot of time with them. Look how happy they all could have been together if the fatal accident hadn't taken Diana's life.

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Although a lot of unpleasant things have happened between the brothers and their wives in recent years, many harsh words have been said to each other, Ying believes that things might have been different if Princess Diana had been alive. She imagined a world in which Meghan and Kate are calm, united, and happy, with Lady Di acting as a loving mother between the sons and their families.

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Autumn also recreated one of Princess Diana's most famous photographs with her sons. It was taken when William and Harry were still kids. The picture is very successful since the photographer managed to capture the imperceptible bond between mother and her sons. Much has been said about Diana, both during her lifetime and after her death, and not always positive things. Nevertheless, Diana will be always remembered as a wonderful, caring and devoted mother who truly loved and understood her children.

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Ying shares her works on social media. Under one of the paintings created for Diana's 59th birthday, she left a touching caption, "I hope that at least for a moment I can help whoever reads this to see the world a little differently, to find hope and eternal love within themselves." By the way, Ying's fame has reached the princes as well. As the artist later told that she received letters from William and Harry, who were touched by her work.

Would Diana have been able to reconcile the differences between her sons and their families? Share your thoughts!


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