The Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi, who's become world champion, shared his victory not only with his colleagues in the national team, but also with his family. He posed at the stadium with his wife and their three kids. And yet in the past his wife Antonella could have married another man.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Lionel fell in love with Antonella when he was just 5 years old. The girl was the sister of his best friend, so they spent a lot of time together. At the age of 11, Messi promised Antonella that she would become his wife. And then he spent all his time training, and soon he left Argentina. The long-distance relationship did not work out. Antonella studied to be a nutritionist and was going to marry her boyfriend, but her plans were changed by the death of a close friend. The girl got depressed and refused to communicate with her loved ones. Upon learning of this, Lionel returned to his homeland to support Antonella.


He soon realized that he was still in love with her. In 2008, the couple announced they were dating, and over the next seven years they welcomed their two sons. The couple celebrated their wedding only in 2017. Thus, Antonella married the athlete, who by that time had already become the richest soccer player in the world. A year later they had their third son.

Antonella is considered the perfect wife. She is beautiful, a loving mother and devoted wife who supports her husband at all his games.


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