Alyssa Milano, famous American actress and producer, star of Who's the Boss?, the cult series Melrose Place and Charmed, celebrated her birthday on December 19. The celebrity turned 50 years old.

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On this day the actress decided to show her natural beauty on Instagram. Alyssa posted a photo without makeup and any filters.

Source: Instagram

"No touching up. No makeup. I will spend this day, the same as every day. I will move a little, love a lot, be of service, and count my blessings. I’m happy to be here. Right here. Right now. In this time. In my time. In your time. There’s still so much to look forward to! And you know what? It’s even been okay to look back where I’ve been, where I came from, how far I’ve come, who came into my life and who stayed. Thanks for all of your support and Birthday wishes. Let’s keep going," the celebrity wrote in her post

Milano's fans immediately showered her with compliments. They congratulated her on her birthday and wrote a lot of nice words about her appearance:

"You're 50? You're still a girl. Beautiful!"

"You're gorgeous! You don't need makeup! Never wear bright colors again!"

"Still beautiful! As always!"

Happy birthday dear Alyssa Milano!


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