Just two weeks before she left, 81-year-old British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood made a will, according to which the reins of her fashion empire will be handed over to two persons. And they are not her sons. Read more about this below.

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It has turned out that shortly before her death, Vivienne Westwood made a new will. According to the British fashion legend's last will and testament, her close friend and designer Jeff Banks will take over Vivienne Westwood Ltd, which is worth about $55 million today.

Vivienne Westwood with Jeff Banks. Source: Getty

All of Westwood's commercial property, valued at $20 million, was inherited by her third husband, 56-year-old Austrian designer Andreas Kronthaler.

Vivienne Westwood with her third husband Andreas Kronthaler. Source: Getty

Although the designer's sons, erotic photographer Joe Corre and founder of Agent Provocateur lingerie brand Ben Westwood, did not take part in their mother's business, they may still claim a share of her fortune, which, according to journalists' calculations, is almost $200 million.

Vivienne Westwood with her two sons, erotic photographer Ben Westwood and Agent Provocateur founder and designer Joseph Corre. Source: Daily Mail

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The 81-year-old "queen of punk" and "rebel of the fashion world" Vivienne Westwood died peacefully on December 30, 2022 in her UK home. Westwood became popular in the 1970s when she designed clothes for bikers and punks and sold them in her husband Malcolm McLaren's store. In 1981 the designer founded her own clothing brand Vivienne Westwood, which later became one of the most influential fashion houses in the world.

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

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